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Basic Device With Capacitors
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Welcome to Caps Wiki! This site is dedicated to cataloging and sharing information on repairing devices. It's named "Caps" wiki because in older electronics capacitors are one of the more common causes of problems. But any repair information such as ICs, batteries, belts, 3D printer models, or more for devices of any age is welcome here!

Device Navigation

Device pages are sorted by categories that can let them be found by decade, product type, and specialty technology when applicable.

Devices Sorted by Decade
Device Decades
Devices Sorted by Type
Computers Musical Test Gear Kitchen Appliances Lighting Other
Devices Sorted by Specialty
  • CRT - Cathode Ray Tube

You can also view all devices broken down by category here.

General Information

There are also some pages meant to help you learn more about how to repair your devices and about the components that go in them.

Information on Capacitors Other Information General Guides

Getting Started

If you want to start helping to make this a more complete and useful site there are a number of ways you can contribute without even having access to the devices! The main goal is of course to create new pages on devices and write out information on them and you can either use the box at the top of this page or the New Page Guide to start making one. But if you don't have a device to document yourself, or just want to see what other tasks can be done, here are some other things that could use some help:

Basic Information

There are three categories that all new pages are automatically put in when created. One of them is WorkNeeded:General which is for making sure the page has general or basic information about a device filled in. These pages likely also don't have appropriate device categories applied either which you could also add, more on doing that can be found here. You could take a look at the pages in this category and help out by finding what information they are missing and seeing if it can be found elsewhere and added. These are simple things like a short description of the device, what year it came out, whether it has a battery or not, if it's known to have leaking capacitors, and other stuff that has probably been documented or talked about online.

Replacement Parts

If you are experienced with picking replacement parts out, you might want to take a look at the WorkNeeded:ReplacementParts category which has pages without replacement parts added yet. You can look for pages that do have original parts information available and use that to pick compatible replacements.

General and Specialty Information

If you have experience with some more universal topics, you may want to take a look at a thread in the forum looking for new pages to be made about things people regularly encounter. Feel free to start making a new page about any of the topics there (or ones that aren't!) that are applicable to many devices and can be linked to from pages as general guidance. There are a number of parts and other technologies that were widely used that need attention in similar ways, writing central pages that talk about them directly can save time in writing specific device pages later by linking to the general pages instead.