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This page is very incomplete, additional information will likely slowly trickle in on it as people contribute to it.

Capacitors don't always specifically say the name of the company on them and their logos can change throughout the years making identifying manufacturers a challenge. This page aims to catalog capacitor brand logos for easing identification.

A note on submissions, please do not copy/paste logo images from other websites here as they will have their own copyrights. The only acceptable sources for existing images are photographs you took, tracings of logos, press kits from the manufacturer's website, and other images with permissible licenses. The preference for submissions is to be flat black and white images with a black logo on a white background and the manufactures name printed next to the logo. However photo submissions are acceptable provided the picture is clear enough that a recreation of the logo can be made.

CS Capacitor (12 Kuang Jin)

Datasheets can be found at

Jun Fu

Company website:

Panasonic / Matsushita

SamYoung / Korea Chemi-Con

There is some kind of complicated relation ship between SamYoung and Nippon Chemi-Con where they may have been a partner at some point and later became a producer under the Korea Chemi-Con name.[1]

Manufacturer Website:


Sang Jing Electronics/multicompPRO

Sang Jing Electronics is a Taiwanese capacitor company established in 1984. Their electrolytic capacitors have been distributed under the multicompPRO brand, the 'home brand' of distributor Premier Farnell Limited (other names Farnell / Newark / element14 / CPC).


Some small Rubycon capacitors have a boxed R instead of the full Rubycon logo.

An example of a small Rubycon capacitor using the boxed R logo
An example of a small Rubycon capacitor using the boxed R logo


Rulycon is a knock-off of Rubycon designed to trick some people into thinking these capacitors are Rubycon capacitors. To make sure you are getting genuine capacitors, order them from a trusted supplier.