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This page is meant to help editors find and work on pages that are incomplete, need reformatting, missing categories, and more that will help make them more complete.


Templates are a feature on MediaWiki sites like this to provide a structured way to add page elements that are repeated frequently. The only way to edit the non-parameter text of the templates is to edit the templates themselves which will propagate the changes across the entire site.

Data Tables

For more information, see more on the full page: EditorsToolbox:Tables

Unfortunately there isn't a native method for creating editable table templates. As a workaround the Template:DevicePage/Preload contains tables by default for providing information suitable for common radial electrolytic capacitors. If you need other types of tables or need to replace one that was removed you can copy/paste them from EditorsToolbox:Tables. If you make any tables that could be useful for other devices, feel free to add empty versions there for others.


The MoreInfo creates a small note for linking to a page with more information meant to be used in small sections that just give a brief summary.


For more information, see more on the full page: Capacitors


WikipediaInfo is for linking to an external Wikipedia article about a topic to provide more general information.


For general information, see more on Wikipedia: Capacitor

Template:Wikipedia rectifies some issues with the old template and has a cleaner syntax.


For more information, see this article's corresponding Wikipedia page: Capacitor.


Template:InfoboxDevice is for creating the quick info displays at the top of device pages


An Example InfoboxDevice
Preliminary Information
Release Year 2022
Leak Risk None
Capacitor Types All


Incomplete Pages

Page categories that need more work:


Pages that need sorted in some way

General Tasks

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