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IBM 5154 EGA Display
Preliminary Information
Release Year 1984
Leak Risk High
Batteries None
Mounting Technology Through Hole
Capacitor Types Aluminum Electrolytic, Tantalum, Ceramic, Polymer
Destructive Entry Yes (Power Supply cage)
CRT Guides
General Information · Repair Cautions

The IBM Enhanced Color Display model 5154 is a color CRT announced to accompany the new EGA Adapter card on September 10, 1984.[1] It is capable of displaying 64 colors (16 at a time) at a maximum resolution of 640 x 350.

Known Issues

The caps in the power supply are known to go bad, this includes all the electrolytics and RIFA caps.

Symptom or Problem Encountered

The symptoms can vary from not powering up to image issues on the CRT. The RIFA caps are known to explode and release a ton of smoke.


Leaking and aging capacitors, possibly caused by them being cooked over the life of the monitor.


Replace the caps.

Disassembly Notes

  • This is a CRT, so you will need to know how to work around high voltages that could be deadly.
  • The screw covers on the top of the monitor can be fragile and can break, so they need to be removed carefully. The power supply cage can be completely removed and unplugged, but you will need to drill out the rivets to get it open and inversely will need some small screws or a rivet gun to put it back together.
  • There is a slightly different list of capacitors for the 110V and the 220V versions of this display, so make sure you are looking at the correct list of caps.

Original Parts

Power PCB Capacitors

Note model numbers and board revisions here

Capacitor Specifications and Footprint Information
RefDes Qty Capacitance Voltage Mount Diameter/Size Temp Type Brand Series
C31 1 47 µF 200 V Through Hole Radial 105C Aluminum Electrolytic
C23 1 2,200 µF 16 V Through Hole Radial 105C Aluminum Electrolytic
C25, C27 2 1,000 µF 25 V Through Hole Radial 105C Aluminum Electrolytic
C29 1 220 µF 63 V* Through Hole Radial 105C Aluminum Electrolytic
C7, C8 2 220 µF 350 V Through Hole Radial 105C Aluminum Electrolytic
C5, C6 2 0.1 µF 275 V (AC) Through Hole Radial N/A Mettalized Polyester Film Capacitor
C14 1 1 µF 50 V Through Hole Radial 105C Aluminum Electrolytic
C11 1 47 µF 35 V Through Hole Radial 105C Aluminum Electrolytic
C13 1 10 µF 35 V Through Hole Radial 105C Aluminum Electrolytic

*May also be 100V, ordering a 100V would be safe in both cases, see: Talk:IBM 5154 EGA Display

Replacement Parts

Power PCB Capacitors

RefDes Qty Compatible Part Number Order Links
C31 1 UVZ2D470MHD / ECA-2DHG470B DigiKey Mouser
C23 1 16PX2200MEFC10X20 / 860020378021 DigiKey Mouser
C25, C27 1 860020475018 DigiKey Mouser
C29 1 63PX220MEFC10X16 / UVZ1J221MPD DigiKey Mouser
C7, C8 1 ESK227M350AQ4AA DigiKey Mouser
C5, C6 1 890324025017 DigiKey Mouser
C14 1 860160672002 DigiKey Mouser
C11 1 860160573007 DigiKey Mouser
C13 1 860020572003 DigiKey Mouser

If parts are not available or different selection is preferred, you can use the values in the Original Parts section to perform a parametric search.


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