IBM 5153 CGA Display

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IBM 5153 CGA Display
Preliminary Information
Release Year 1981
Leak Risk Low
Batteries None
Mounting Technology Through Hole
Capacitor Types Aluminum Electrolytic, Tantalum, Ceramic
Destructive Entry No, but very brittle plastic
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General Information · Repair Cautions

The CGA display made by IBM for the PC/XT series of computers

Known Issues

Red or Blue channel brightness increases

  • Capacitors on gain board are failing
  • The neck PCB for an IBM 5153 centered on C569 which failed

    The neck PCB for an IBM 5153 centered on C569 which failed

  • Replace C569 & C215 capacitors

Disassembly Notes

It's a CRT which should be discharged before working on it.

There are screws on top of the case under plastic caps.

The plastic is fairly brittle now and when rotating the case you should think through how the weight will be put on parts as you remove them and be careful. You will mostly likely damage the caps on the top screws removing them

Original Parts

CRT Neck Board

Tatung, TT-2 94V-0

Capacitor Specifications and Footprint Information
RefDes Qty Capacitance Voltage Mount Diameter/Size Temp Type Brand Series
C569, C215 2 4.7uF 250V Through Hole ? 85C Aluminum Electrolytic ? SE

Replacement Parts

CRT Neck Board

Tatung, TT-2 94V-0

RefDes Qty Compatible Part Number Order Links
C569, C215 2 860131175004 / 400PX4R7MEFC8X11.5 Digikey Mouser LCSC

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