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This device is in the WorkNeeded:OriginalParts category because it was flagged as missing information on the original parts. It may have replacement parts listed but those cannot be assumed to be identical to the originals. If you have a list of the original parts, please feel free to add them by copying the relevant table from EditorsToolbox:Tables
This device is in the WorkNeeded:ReplacementParts category because it was flagged as missing information on replacement parts. If it has the original parts listed you may be able to search for replacements using the parametric searches available from parts distributors. If you have or make a list of replacement parts, please feel free to add them by copying the relevant table from EditorsToolbox:Tables
Microsoft Xbox
Preliminary Information
Release Year 2001
Leak Risk High
Batteries None
Mounting Technology Through Hole, SMD, BGA
Capacitor Types tbd
Destructive Entry No

Known Issues

The original Xbox, up to the last version produced (pre v1.6) contains a capacitor used to keep the date and time (C1010, next to a bank of larger caps). Unfortunately, due to capacitor manufacturing defects present during this era of computing, the capacitor used for this purpose is very well known for failure, similar to a lot of classic Macintosh computers. It is highly recommended to remove or replace this capacitor, as it is basically guaranteed to leak and cause damage to the motherboard.

Internal clock resets upon power loss


  • The aerogel supercapacitor responsible for keeping the RTC online has failed.


  • Replace the capacitor.
  • Remove the capacitor, but manually set the time upon rebooting after power loss. (Version 1.6 boards require this capacitor and will fail to boot without it)
  • Connect your Xbox to the internet so that it can synchronize with a timeserver on boot. (Requires custom dashboard)

System powers on when connected to mains - front panel buttons do not function


  • The RTC aerogel supercapacitor has failed, and caused corrosion to traces on the PCB relating to the front panel buttons.


  • Ensure there is continuity between the PIC16 or Xyclops chip and the signal resistors as well as between the signal resistors and front panel pin header, replacing traces where needed.

Disc drive no longer reads discs or disc tray is malfunctioning


  • The rubber drive belt has degraded
  • The read laser has failed


  • Replace the drive belt. A 15mm diameter belt is required, the belts from the Xbox & Xbox 360 are interchangeable.
  • Replace the entire drive

Disc drive repeatedly opens and closes sometimes when attempting to close


  • The disc drive is not receiving consistent power, and is losing track of its current state.


  • Check capacitors and replace any which are bulging or failing.
  • Check motherboard for damaged traces or signs of dislodged components.

System does not power on - no signs of life


  • The power supply unit has failed
  • The capacitors around the 20 pin connector have failed (v1.6)


  • Replace power supply unit
  • Recap system board. On a 1.6 version unit, the 4 caps around the 20 pin connector are usually the culprit.

Save file corruption


  • The hard drive is failing


  • Replace the hard drive
  • Alternatively, move your save files to a memory unit

Disassembly Notes

See disassembly tab for step-by-step guide.

  • The four rubber feet on the underside of the device are held in with strong adhesive. If you want them to remain after disassembly, peel them back (from the outer edge of the device) just enough to expose the screw heads.
  • The internal IDE ribbon cable is over a decade old, so be very gentle with it. Bending it too many times will damage the internal connections, rendering it flaky or inoperable.
  • The power supply is fully exposed once the Xbox drive units are removed. Be very careful not to shock yourself on it.

Recommended Tools

Fastener Drivers
Fastener Types Sizes Notes
Torx T10 For main internal screws
Torx T15 For HDD retention screws on some revisions
Torx T20 For all external screws
Phillips PH2 For internal drive screws
Other Hand Tools
Tool Notes
Pry Tool To peel back the rubber feet on the underside of the device

Original Parts

Pre-1.6 Motherboard

Capacitor Specifications and Footprint Information
RefDes Qty Capacitance Voltage Mount Diameter/Size Temp Type Brand Series Visual note
C2F1?, C8G_? 2 3300 µF 10v THT Radial Aluminum Electrolytic Nichicon PW Brown Sleeve
C1E1, C2E4, ? 3 3300 µF 6.3v THT Radial Aluminum Electrolytic Nichicon HM Black Sleeve, Leak Prone
C6B4, C5B6, C5A9, C6__?, C5A4? 5+ 1.6v? SMT Radial Deceptive markings? "¤33 10 16v"
C7G_?, C7G_? 2+ 1500 µF 6.3v THT Radial Aluminum Electrolytic Nichicon KZE Green Sleeve
C8E3, more ~4+ 22 µF 25v THT Radial Aluminum Electrolytic Nichicon SME Black Sleeve, Small
C5A4, ? 2+ 680 µF 16v THT Radial Aluminum Electrolytic Nichicon Black Sleeve, Short
C6G2, ? 3+ 100 µF 25v THT Radial Aluminum Electrolytic Nichicon SME Black Sleeve, Short

Incomplete table

Replacement Parts

Basic PCB Name

RefDes Qty Compatible Part Number Distributor Links

[ Preferred / Search ]

Digikey Mouser Farnell LCSC
1 DZ-2R5D105T / 105DCN2R7S / JUWT1105MCD Part 🔎 Part Part
C2F1?, C8G_? 2 10ZLQ3300MEFC10X25 / UHV1A332MHD / 10ZLH3300MEFC10X25 Part Part Part
C1E1, C2E4, ? 3 UHD0J332MHD / EEU-FS0J332B / 10ZLH3300MEFC10X25 Part Part Part

If parts are not available or different selection is preferred, you can use the values in the Original Parts section to perform a parametric search.

Note: It is recommended to not replace the clock cap, it was only ever intended to store the date and time for an hour so not having it doesn't really affect anything.

Note 2: You can install a higher capacitance part to increase the storage time (up to 10F ) however this could potentially cause issues with the charging circuit.


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