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For more information, see https://www.radiomuseum.org/r/heath_monitor_scope_sb_610_sb61.html

Heathkit SB 610
Preliminary Information
Release Year 1966?
Mounting Technology Point to Point
Capacitor Types Aluminium Electrolytic, Ceramic, Silver mica
Destructive Entry No
Power Requirements
Input Voltage 240V/ 120V AC
CRT Guides
General Information · Repair Cautions

Known Issues

Symptom or Problem Encountered


  • Dim CRT
  • Poor focus
  • Low B+
  • No signal displayed


  • The dim was due to the original filter caps in the CRT supply puling the 1500V supply low so the two originals were replaced with 4 new film caps.
  • The poor focous was due to the focous potentiometer been bad.
  • The low B+ was due to the original filters been shorted
  • the no signal was due to a bad 6BN8 which was replaced.

Disassembly Notes

This is a tube based unit with a CRT and has up to 1500VDC all over the insides.

To remove the SB 610 out of the outer case just unscrew the four feet from the bottom and slide it out of the back. The bottom of the chassis is easly acesable however this means it is easly exposed so be wary of shocks as the capacitors can still hold charge for a long time.

Original Parts

Filter capacitors

C602A, B, C, D is the 4 section capacitor can

TBD is a holder till the designations can be found.

Capacitor Specifications and Footprint Information
RefDes Qty Capacitance Voltage Mount Diameter/Size Height Lead Spacing Temp Type Brand Series
C602A 1 30 µF 450V Twist lock 0 °C Aluminium electrolytic Mallory
C602B 1 20 µF 450V Twist lock Aluminium electrolytic Mallory
C602C 1 20 µF 450V Twist lock Aluminium electrolytic Mallory
C602D 1 20 µF 450V Twist lock Aluminium electrolytic Mallory
C600, C601 2 40 µF 350V Axial 85 Aluminium electrolytic SYNCRO C-25-41
C606 1 0.15 µF 1600V Axial Aluminium electrolytic
C605, C604 2 0.1 µF 1200V Axial Aluminium electrolytic
TBD1 2 10 µF 450V Axial Aluminium electrolytic SYNCRO
TBD2 2 0.2 µF 200V Axial Resin Sprauge
TBD3 1 0.5 µF 400V Axial Tubular paper General instruments
TBD4 2 0.25 µF 400V Axial Tubular paper Sprauge
TBD5 1 0.1 µF 600V Axial Tubular paper Sprauge
Bottom view of the Heathkit SB 610 which shows the construction. The four yellow caps are new high voltage filter caps for the CRT supply and the carboard ones above them are for the lower voltage supply and are in conjunction to the multi section can.

Replacement Parts

Filter capacitors

RefDes Qty Compatible Part Number Order Links
C602A 1 336TTA450M DigiKey Mouser
C602B, C, D 3 226TTA450M DigiKey Mouser
C600, C601 2 UCY2V390MHD DigiKey Mouser
C606 1 940C16P15K-F DigiKey Mouser
C605, C604 2 940C12P1K-F DigiKey Mouser
TBD1 2 TVA1705-E3 DigiKey Mouser
TBD2 2 MMWA2P22K-F DigiKey Mouser
TBD3 1 MMP4P47K-F DigiKey Mouser
TBD4 2 224MWR400K DigiKey Mouser
TBD5 1 B32921C3104M026 / MKT1813410635 DigiKey Mouser

If parts are not available or different selection is preferred, you can use the values in the Original Parts section to perform a parametric search.


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