HP 82901M 5.25in 270K FDD

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This device is in the WorkNeeded:ReplacementParts category because it was flagged as missing information on replacement parts. If it has the original parts listed you may be able to search for replacements using the parametric searches available from parts distributors. If you have or make a list of replacement parts, please feel free to add them by copying the relevant table from EditorsToolbox:Tables
HP 82901M 5.25in 270K FDD
Preliminary Information
Release Year 1980
Leak Risk Low
Batteries None
Mounting Technology Through Hole
Capacitor Types Aluminum Electrolytic, Tantalum, Ceramic
Destructive Entry No
Hardware Specifications
Storage 5.25" DD Floppy Disks @ ~270KiB

This is a floppy drive for HP systems with an HP-IB interface to allow them to read LIF formatted 5.25" floppy floppy disks. Internally they use standard full height 5.25" internal drives like a Tandon TM100-2A.

Known Issues

Large Aged Caps


  • These capacitors will likely not be bad, but may have degraded from disuse. They can short if powered without caution.


  • Before powering the device, remove caps (which doesn't even require soldering) and Reform them both.

Disassembly Notes

The logic board for the entire unit is attached through the controller board for the right side drive and may have damaged plastic mounting points on the drive. They are not structurally critical to the operation of the device, but do secure the drive control board in place.

Original Parts

Power Supply


Capacitor Specifications and Footprint Information
RefDes Qty Capacitance Voltage Mount Diameter/Size Height Lead Spacing Temp Type Brand Series
n/a 1 10000 µF 40 Screw Terminal -40 to 85°C Aluminum Electrolytic Sprague 32DR COMPULYTIC
n/a 1 17000 µF 20 Screw Terminal -40 to 85°C Aluminum Electrolytic Sprague 32DR COMPULYTIC

Note: Sprague PSU caps should have a Capacitor Reforming procedure attempted on them before powering or replacement. Suitable substitute parts are difficult and costly to find so unnecessary replacement is higly discouraged.

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