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The G4 MDD is the third and final generation of Apple's Power Mac G4s, named so due to its Mirrored Drive Doors. It was produced from 2002 to 2004, and is notable for being one of the last Macs capable of running Mac OS 9 (with some caveats).

PowerMac G4 MDD
Apple PowerMac G4 M8570 MDD front.jpg
Preliminary Information
Release Year 2002
Leak Risk High
Batteries One (1) PRAM Battery
Mounting Technology Through Hole, SMD, BGA, Sockets
Capacitor Types Aluminum Electrolytic
Destructive Entry No

Known Issues

Symptom or Problem Encountered


  • Power Supply is Faulty with bad capacitors.
  • When you try to power up your MDD, you will typically get a quick power light and fan spin and it will shut off.


  • Recapping the entire power supply generally fixes the problem. Although there is a chance some other components are faulty.

Disassembly Notes

Please be careful when opening the power supply because there are high voltage capacitors inside which can cause great injury to yourself. There are 5 screws holding the housing together and 4 screws holding the fans that need to be removed. Once the screws are removed, the top part of the housing needs to slide away from the fans. After that disconnect the fan cables. There are 4 screws holding the board in place, one in each corner. The board can then slide out of place and you will need to flip the board over and desolder the two power cables (blue and brown, please take a picture of where these are located before desoldering them to help with reassembly). After that the board should be completely free.

Original Parts


This recapping guide is only for the ACBEL 360w and 400w API1PC36 Rev. B power supply units. There are Samsung power supplies also for the MDD which this guide does not cover.

Capacitor Specifications
Part Number on Board Capacitance Voltage Diameter/Size Height Type
C3, C4, C5 100 µF 450 0.7" 1.6" Radial
C7 220 µF 35 0.3" 0.64" Radial
C8, C32, C401 47 µF 25 0.18" 0.46" Radial
C10 2200 µF 16 0.4" 1.2" Radial
C13 2700 µF 6.3 0.4" 1.1" Radial
C16, C29 2200 µF 6.3 0.4" 0.9" Radial
C21 3300 µF 10 0.4" 1.2" Radial
C30, C55, C56, C402 0.47 µF 50 0.2" 0.45" Radial
C35 470 µF 35 0.4" 0.8" Raidal
C41 680 µF 35 0.4" 1.2" Radial
C43 100 µF 25v 0.25" 0.45" Radial
C53, C57 4.7 µF 50 0.2" 0.45" Radial
C59, C60 1000 µF 10 0.325" 0.76" Radial
C403, C405, C407 10 µF 50 0.2" 0.45" Radial
C416 470 µF 16 0.32" 0.6" Radial

Replacement Parts


Part Number on Board Qty Compatible Part Number Order Links
C3, C4, C5 3 450HXW100MEFR18X25 DigiKey Mouser
C7 1 35YXJ220MCA8X11.5 DigiKey Mouser
C8, C32, C401 3 10PX1000MEFC8X11.5 DigiKey Mouser
C10 1 16ZLS2200MEFC10X25 DigiKey Mouser
C13 1 UHW0J272MPD DigiKey Mouser
C16, C29 2 6.3ZLH2200MEFC10X20 DigiKey Mouser
C21 1 10ZLS3300MEFC12.5X20 DigiKey Mouser
C30, C55, C56, C402 4 UPS1HR47MDD1TD DigiKey Mouser
C35 1 35ZLH470MEFC(T8)10X16 DigiKey Mouser
C41 1 35ZLH680MEFC10X23 DigiKey Mouser
C43 1 25YXG100MEFC6.3X11 DigiKey Mouser
C53, C57 2 UPW1H4R7MDD DigiKey Mouser
C59, C60 2 10ZLS1000MEFC8X16 DigiKey Mouser
C403, C405, C407 3 50YXF10MEFC(T1)5X11 DigiKey Mouser
C416 1 16ZLK470M8X16 DigiKey Mouser

If parts are not available or different selection is preferred, you can use the values in the Original Parts section to perform a parametric search. Replacement capacitors can be found on both digikey and mouser, or pick your preferred source.

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