Dell Latitude E5440

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Dell Latitude E5440
Dell Latitude E5440 Main.jpg
Preliminary Information
Release Year 2014
Leak Risk Unknown
Batteries Yes, Can be equipped with a 4, 6, or 9 cell Lithium-Ion Battery Back, as well as a proprietary Lithium CMOS battery.
Mounting Technology Through Hole, SMD, BGA, Sockets
Capacitor Types Unknown
Destructive Entry No

The Dell Latitude E5440 is a businesses-focused 14" laptop computer released in 2014 featuring Intel Haswell Processors.

Known Issues

When power button is pressed when device is plugged into the charger, the power light comes on for 5-10 seconds, and then the machine shuts off with no other signs of life.


  • Using an underrated power adapter when the main battery is dead.
  • Attempting to power on the device when the main battery is dead without a charger connected properly.
  • Attempting to power on the machine with bad/missing memory.
  • Due to a possible design flaw [1] with this laptop, a CMOS battery with a low voltage can cause this issue. The CMOS battery does not have to be completely dead for this issue to occur.
  • General motherboard failure.


  • Charge the device with a 65W genuine Dell charger (90W if your model has a dedicated graphics card).
  • Re-seat/Replace the memory.
  • Remove the main and CMOS batteries and wait several hours. Then connect only the charger and power on the device.
  • Replace the CMOS battery.

Disassembly Notes

  • Make sure the main battery pack is removed from the device before disassembly to prevent damage to the device.
  • Follow all EDS protection procedures as necessary to prevent damage to the device. These procedures include but are not limited to avoiding walking on carpet and regularly touching a metallic surface that is known to have a good connection to ground, or alternatively wearing an ESD strap which has a good connection to ground.
  • When all batteries are disconnected for 30 seconds or more, all BIOS/Firmware settings are erased. Depending on your configuration, this could cause the OS to no longer boot. It is recommended to make note of any important settings if possible before removing all batteries.

Original Parts

Part Specifications and General Information
Part Qty Location Specifications Dell P/Ns
CMOS Battery 1 Bottom right corner under the bottom access panel CR2032 with 2-Pin Connector; 3V - 220 mAh C8KT2
Main Battery 1 Top of laptop accessible externally from the bottom 11.1V Lithium-Ion in 4, 6, and 9 cell configurations (40, 65, and 90 Wh respectively) FJTXY CXF66 WGCW6 NVWGM M7T5F Y6KM7 45HHN
Memory 2 Bottom center under the bottom access panel 2x DDR3L SDRAM SODIMM Modules at 1600MHz (PC3L-12800U) Unknown

Replacement Parts

Please refer to the "Original Parts" section for information you can use to find genuine replacement parts, as sources for replacements vary in availability.

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