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For more information, see this article's corresponding Wikipedia page: GeForce 4 series.
ASUS V8170SE LP top.jpg
Preliminary Information
Release Year 2002
Leak Risk Unknown
Batteries None
Mounting Technology Through Hole, SMD, BGA
Capacitor Types Aluminum Electrolytic, Ceramic, Polymer
Destructive Entry No

The ASUS V8170SE LP is a partner card of the NVIDIA GeForce 4 MX 420 AGP video card.

Disassembly Notes

  • The heatsink uses a push-pin style mount.

Original Parts

AGP with VGA and PAL S-Video Variant

REV 1.01

Capacitor Specifications and Footprint Information
RefDes Qty Capacitance Voltage Mount Can Diameter Height - Seated Type Notes
C622, C606 2 470 µF 6 V SMD Radial 10 mm 10.5 mm Aluminum Electrolytic
C612 1 100 µF 16 V SMD Radial 6.3 mm 5.3 mm Aluminum Electrolytic
C602 1 47 µF 6 V SMD Radial 5 mm 5.9 mm Aluminum Electrolytic
C601 1 22 µF 10 V SMD Radial 4 mm 6.0 mm Aluminum Electrolytic
C605 SMD Radial 4 mm Not Populated, but same footprint as C601

Replacement Parts

AGP with VGA and PAL S-Video Variant

REV 1.01

RefDes Qty Compatible Part Number Distributor Links

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Digikey Mouser
C622, C606 2 UUX0J471MNL1GS Part 🔎 Part
C612 1 AVEZ107M16D16T-F Part 🔎 Part
C602 1 EEE-FP0J470AR Part 🔎 Part
C601 1 EEE-FP1A220AR Part 🔎 Part

If parts are not available or different selection is preferred, you can use the values in the Original Parts section to perform a parametric search.