SmartHome Powerlinc 2413S

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SmartHome Powerlinc 2413S
Preliminary Information
Release Year Around 2011
Leak Risk Low
Batteries None
Mounting Technology Through Hole, SMD
Capacitor Types Aluminum Electrolytic, Tantalum
Destructive Entry No

The SmartHome Powerlinc 2413S (Also branded under parent company Insteon's name as Insteon Powerlinc 2413S) is a serial modem that allows for Home Automation using a computer - for control of lights, outlets, etc. As the main method of communication with smart devices, the Powerlinc 2413S is a pretty important device for users with SmartHome/Insteon networks and a single point of failure for the entire network. Unfortunately for those users, the unit is built with extremely unreliable capacitors that may go bad in as soon as 2 years, and functional replacement devices have crept into high-3-digit figures in price. Fortunately for those users, the capacitors are through-hole, large, and can be repaired for less than $5 plus shipping.

Known Issues

Symptom or Problem Encountered

Green power LED is not on, or glows very faintly. LED may also briefly flash red when unplugged from power. Device is unresponsive.


  • Aging and cheap capacitors have begun to fail.


  • Capacitor Replacement

Disassembly notes

The Powerlinc 2413S is constructed quite simply - 4 Phillips-head screws on the back of the unit hold the top shell in place. A daughterboard inside which holds the RJ45 port is screwed into standoffs, which also hold the main board in place with 2 other screws. Mains power is provided to the board with screw-in terminals that attach to wires on the main board.

Original Parts

Original Capacitors
Board Ref.Num Capacitance Voltage Mount Type Brand
C3 6.8 uF 250V Through-Hole Aluminum Electrolytic YICCON
C7 and C13 10 uF 35V Through-Hole Aluminum Electrolytic SAMCON
C8 10 uF 16V Through-Hole Aluminum Electrolytic FUJICON
C11 100 uF 25V Through-Hole Aluminum Electrolytic FUJICON

Replacement Parts

Replacement Capacitors
Board Ref.Num Capacitance Voltage Mount Type Part Number Brand Links
C3 10 uF 400V Through-Hole Aluminum Electrolytic ESX106M400AH4AA‎ KEMET DigiKey Mouser
C7 and C13 10 uF 50V Through-Hole Aluminum Electrolytic EEU-EB1H100SB / 50YXG10MEFCTA5X11 Panasonic / Rubycon DigiKey Mouser LCSC
C8 10 uF 16V Through-Hole Aluminum Electrolytic ESK106M016AC3KA / 50YXG10MEFCTA5X11 KEMET / Rubycon DigiKey Mouser LCSC
C11 100 uF 25V Through-Hole Aluminum Electrolytic UHD1E101MED Nichicon DigiKey Mouser


References and Additional Information (this guide erroneously lists C7 and C13 as 100uF parts)