Nokia Lumia 1020

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For more information, see this article's corresponding Wikipedia page: Nokia Lumia 1020.
Nokia Lumia 1020
Preliminary Information
Release Year 2013
Leak Risk None
Batteries Yes, Li-Ion
Mounting Technology SMD, BGA, Flip Chip, High Density Interconnects
Capacitor Types Ceramic
Destructive Entry No

The Nokia Lumia 1020 is a smartphone from 2013 running Windows Phone 8 (later 8.1). It notably had a camera with a 41 MP 58 mm² sensor considerably larger than other smartphones of the 2010s, it was regularly compared to compact and entry-level DSLR cameras.

Known Issues

Device does not charge after plugging into a bad USB charger

USB Vbus Protection IC Failed

  • USB Vbus Fuse & TVS Protection IC (V3310) fails short circuit to protect Li-Ion charge management IC.

Solution 1: Bypass Protection IC

  • Remove USB Vbus Fuse & TVS Protection IC (V3310)
  • Bridge Vbus-in and Vbus-out pins.
  • You will lose Vbus reversal and Vbus TVS protection!

Solution 2: Replace Protection IC

  • Replace USB Vbus Fuse & TVS Protection IC (V3310)

Disassembly Notes

  • There is a locking bar on the left side of the device, this is unlocked by undoing a torx screw behind the SIM card tray cover.
  • There is no adhesive holding the display down however there are some RF gaskets Nokia recommends replacing if you're repairing it properly (they can be easily reused).
  • FFC cables are fragile
  • Unplug battery cable before messing with PCBs
  • This device predates DRM and unique part UID locks found in modern phones, parts can be easily swapped without reprogramming.

Original Parts



Replacement Parts



Active Components
RefDes Qty Compatible Part Number Order Links
V3310 1 LFTVS10-1F3 Digikey Mouser

Note: the original part has been discontinued and is no longer manufactured by STMicroelectronics. Any stock still being sold by distributors is "Old Stock". For a close replacement, check the "Close Replacement" table.

Close Replacement
RefDes Qty Compatible Part Number Order Links
V3310 1 LFTVS18-1F3 DigiKey Mouser LCSC

If parts are not available or different selection is preferred, you can use the values in the Original Parts section to perform a parametric search.