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I'm lyiriyah/Seemplez.

I hope to be of use more on the administration and vandalism fighting (little though there may be at the moment) side than the content writing side, but may do some writing from time to time.

I'm a Linux user, programmer and tinkerer and the only notable bit of retro tech I own is a BBC Master with Microvitec CUB monitor.

My timezone is GMT/BST (UTC+0/UTC+1).

This is a sha256sum that can be used to validate my identity if you have reason to suspect this account has been compromised: 112e769b7dd9d62a879db349c81a18090c49c5d304b49db2f156752c913c034f explanation

I am an administrator and interface administrator.

Plans and ideas

Below are some plans/ideas I have for what I want to do here. Please criticise them on my talk page, and feel free to add suggestions (just make sure to sign them).



  • ST - short term
  • MT - medium term
  • LT - long term


  • LI - low importance
  • MI - medium importance
  • HI - high importance

The ideas list

  • Suggest commonly used templates for import from Wikipedia to AkBKukU Manually import templates from enwp, repairing/rewriting if needed (ongoing, MI) lyiriyah
  • Establish basic policy (MT, HI) lyiriyah

Things I have done