Corsair CX500

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Corsair CX500
Preliminary Information
Release Year ~2013
Leak Risk Low
Mounting Technology Through Hole, SMD
Capacitor Types Aluminum Electrolytic, Ceramic
Destructive Entry No

The Corsair CX500 is one of the budget model PSU's. It's very similar to the CX450 and CX600 and its modular counterpart CX500M.

This PSU used CapXon brand capacitors, so they might fail quicker than usual.

Known Issues


After several years of use, the computer will sometimes not turn on. In-particular the the 'Power Good' signal will not work even though it's outputting all the voltage rails correctly.


  • Change/Modify a single resistor. This is not a capacitor issue

Original Parts

Located on the back of the PCB, near the middle.

RefDes Qty Capacitance Mount Size Brand
R45 1 22K SMD 0805 Unknown

Replacement Parts

RefDes Qty Compatible Part Number Distributor Links

[ Preferred / Search ]

Digikey Mouser Farnell
R45 1 15K Part 🔎 Part 🔎 Part 🔎

Generally speaking you do not need to buy a resistor. Most SMD's can be obtained from an old circuit board. If you can not find a 15K you can use a slightly higher value.

Alternatively you can parallel up a resistor on top of the existing resistor. E.G use a value from 47K to 100K and solder it directly on top. Providing Pin 1 of the power monitoring IC is about 2.5v. (as long as it is above the 1.3v it currently is)

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